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Update, December 28, 2011 - We Have Moved

In three words, we have moved!

Or, in other words, The Sunset Grill is no longer here. We have boxed up and closed up shop here at The Sunset Grill, and have moved all content to Dennis' Lair on Chez Vrolet Secret Labs - my own private server.

In a few minutes after this update (around 15:30 PST), I will be removing all content except for contact and the northarc anime image gallery, and replacing it with index files that redirect to this page. What remains will be links to a remodeled contact page and the Northarc Anime Image Gallery, along with a link to my own page.

As to the NAIG, I'll be maintaining that and uploading images as I find them. The historic source - Usenet - really isn't a good source any longer, being mostly riddled with porn spam. While the images are *cough* entertaining, they are not in the scope of what I have always wished for on the gallery.

All content will now reside on my home page on Please click that link to see the content that, for the most part, was once here. THere is still more to be added (including a mailing list for those who wish to keep up on the updates), so keep up and I'll keep you posted.

For all of you who have come by over the years, thank you. Now, go to the new page. =^_^=

For them an who has long been in charge of this server, Curt, a big hearty thank you and virtual beer. I couldn't have done it without your help.

See you all on the other page.

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